CellOtago Retreat - Dunedin

Cello Ensemble Coaching

Workshop on Posture and Movement
Public Master Class Individual Lessons

Performance with City Choir Dunedin & Town Hall Organ


The CellOtago Retreat  presented by Cellists of Otago and the University of Otago School of Performing Arts with cellist Heleen du Plessis, includes:


  • A large-scale concert performing works for cello ensemble, organ and choir with Cellists of Otago, David Burchell and City Choir Dunedin in celebration of  the 100th birthday of the Town Hall’s magnificent organ. Sunday 6 October, 4pm in Dunedin Townhall.


  • 3 Cello ensemble coaching sessions and rehearsals: Thursday 3 October,  Friday 4 October and Saturday 5 October at 7-10pm.


  • A 3-hour workshop/presentation on posture and movement based on research with Electromyographic analyses (EMG): Friday 4 October 10am -1 pm.


  • Public Master Class: Saturday 5 October 10am-1pm.


  •  Individual lessons: tba


 The festival is open to High School or University cello students of Gr. 7 level or above from the whole of NZ.




Up to 6 successful applicants will receive a GRANT to assist paying for travel expenses and be provided with billeting.


In order to participate in this extraordinary, fun performance and learning opportunity, apply by contacting Heleen du Plessis at heleen.duplessis@otago.ac.nz before 20 August.


Provide the following details:

Name, location, age, school year, and level of cello playing.

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